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Some of us are willing to wait.

Well, I figured in the down time I’d give you guys a somewhat relevant read before I find myself taking two finals today. Anyway, let’s cover a topic near and dear to my heart. Many of you don’t share the fanaticism that a lot of people hold for the Final Fantasy series, but to be fair and honest those games defined a genre. Sadly, their games as of late have lost the shine and polish that made Final Fantasy such a memorable series, but they seem to be wanting to make amends with their latest and greatest title, Final Fantasy XIII Versus. Now, a lot about the game has already been spoiled, but only in articles and screen shots. Unfortunately, it looks like Square Enix doesn’t have half the amount of things done as they should. Will we have to wait until we’ve got grand kids before we’re even able to sneak a peek?

Source: Kotaku Article

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