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Alright, so as you may or may not be aware, Nintendo has recently announced that they will indeed be previewing or at least discussing a Pikmin game for the Wii-U or Wii, we aren’t sure which. Pikmin, a well received game for the gamecube, along with Pikmin 2, it’s successor, are two of the best-selling games on the console with their addictive gameplay and light-hearted adventure storyline. Previously, you controlled Captain Olimar as he crash lands and later explores an alien world filled with what seem to be gigantic pieces of trash scattered about everywhere. Along his journey, he discovers the Pikmin (and their predators) and befriends them, getting them to help him rebuild his rocket and get himself back home. In the sequel, you join Captain Olimar once more, this time joined by his sidekick Louie as they return to the Pikmin world and reunite with their companions. Hopefully the third game of the series will have just as much promise and fun-filled escapades as its predecessors, but only time will tell.

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