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rick and morty 1280

A drawing I did for a friend.  I caught up on Rick and Morty earlier this spring in response to the hype for season 2 coming later this July.  He mentioned that a cross over between Game of Thrones and Rick and Morty might be cool.  I thought it would be cool as well.

More art on the way. I know it’s been just videos lately, but I’m pretty excited about these next projects, so stay tuned!


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This is from Community loving artist Tinderbox210, who has a distinct love for Community.  So much that she makes multiple fake movie posters for in-show jokes like Inspector Spacetime and the Dreamatorium.  The posters are real reminiscent of those old timey posters for movies like Starwars and Tron, but with contemporary faces makes it all the better.  I’m not entirely sure where she got all the images for some of them, although I recognize Joel McHale’s look from Spy Kids 4.  But seriously Gillian, when on earth did you get that outfit?  Look forward to Community’s return this October.  Look below for the Dreamtorium movie poster and Scary Movie poster and then be sure to visit Tinderbox210 for more Community based art!


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This is a cool image from Cracked that essentially shows how NBC’s Scrubs and Community are essentially the same show.  The image itself is neat due to the fact that the calling cards for the community college kids and Sacred Heart Hospital are fairly well done.  But the real wit is drawing up the similarities between the shows main characters.  Some descriptions are broader than others, but a few truly hit the nail on the head.  As soon as they start making Abed say, ‘Eagle!!!!’ once I’m out.

Gosh I miss Scrubs


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Well this is a hella awesome photo.  If I got by their street names, Annie, Ron, and Tammy 2 all seemingly love one thing a little too much.  And while Tammy and Annie are clearly having a blast, Ron doesn’t seem to be phased.  Shit’s probably too weak for a man like him.  Anywho, this was a really cool photo that I stumbled upon and I thought it necessary to share it with you.  And while Parks and Recreation is something to look forward to, can the same be said about Community. Sure, I’ll definitely tune in to see how different the show will be, but only because of that reason.  The show won’t have the same quirkiness and wit as usual with Dan Harmon out of the picture.


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