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This is from Community loving artist Tinderbox210, who has a distinct love for Community.  So much that she makes multiple fake movie posters for in-show jokes like Inspector Spacetime and the Dreamatorium.  The posters are real reminiscent of those old timey posters for movies like Starwars and Tron, but with contemporary faces makes it all the better.  I’m not entirely sure where she got all the images for some of them, although I recognize Joel McHale’s look from Spy Kids 4.  But seriously Gillian, when on earth did you get that outfit?  Look forward to Community’s return this October.  Look below for the Dreamtorium movie poster and Scary Movie poster and then be sure to visit Tinderbox210 for more Community based art!


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Sometimes movies need to be cut for the final release because of time constraints or test screens.  But this cut can certainly leave out a lot of plot points that are key to the film’s consistency and flow.  Unreality has compiled a list of Directors Cut’s [Versions of the movies that have been recompiled by the vision of the director] that fix what were once thought of as broken and incoherent movies.  Maybe you’ll think twice before you say, “”Check out the link below.

Director Cuts Significantly Superior to the Theatrical Releases

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