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Found this via Uproxx and it just might one of the greatest things that could be done with Mr. Gordon Levitt.  Seriously, how often can this guy make that weird face.  What’s the name of that face anyways?  It seems like he makes his face a puggish by imbuing wrinkles in insane places.  Also that right eyebrow is simply magical.  The magnitude that thing can go is absurd.  By the way has everyone seen 50/50?  You guys should.  He’s amazing in it.  And what’s the deal with Looper?  He’s like a young Bruce Willis?  There was an Entertainment Weekly article on it and it looked somewhat interesting.


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Another excellent Cracked photoplasty taking the names of movies very literally and photoshopping their covers or key scenes.  Thinking of names like: There Will Be Blood, Road House, or even the very hilarious Rain Man as pictured above can definitely produce some very witty results.  And don’t get me started on how worse things get when you start getting sexual puns involved.  Die Hard, That Thing You Do.  Oh boy.  Slightly NSFW, so keep your heads above water ladies and gents.

Movie Titles Taken Literally

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It’s been confirmed that Bruce Willis has signed on for another Die Hard movie, titled ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’.  The thing is, their marketing campaign is something we’ve already seen.  One of the first posters released for the upcoming movie has something very similar about it…Oh wait, it’s the same exact poster.  Hit the jump to Filmdrunk to see their take on the matter.

Die Hard Tries Super Hard for Their New Poster

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A long time ago, I wrote a very long article concerning my favorite comedy: Tropic Thunder.  It wasn’t soon after I published that article did I think of my favorite movies from other dramas.  It’s difficult to narrow them down, but I eventually settled on action movies.  I thought hard about which action movie is very much worth calling, ‘the best’.  But when you really come down to it, the most influential and generally awesome action movie of all time is “Die Hard”.  Almost every person can relate to the lovable John McClane, the idea of one man vs. a dozen is well displayed here, and the outside help elements are film staples we see in just about every action film these days.  It doesn’t take a movie critic or a film education to realize how elements from this movie have influenced the industry today, and I’ll try my best to break it down for you all.  But first, a summary.

John McClane, a New York police cop, is heading west to join his separated wife for Christmas and their children.  His wife is in the middle of a corporate Christmas party after a celebrated project wrap up, so he must make his way to the building itself.  Admist meeting her and her fellow co-workers, the building is suddenly taken hostage while John narrowly escapes.  In a game of cat and mouse between John McClane and the terrorists, led my Hans Gruber, he must shoot, trick, and explode his way back to his wife with the help of a local cop and a young limo driver.


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