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A while back, I posted an article about my drawing method.  Well after a little research, I quickly learned that I would forever be stuck in super amateur mode during that process.  Turns out legitimate graphic designers take an entirely different approach to drawing.  My original method was a very simple yet not very yielding process.  So in response, I guess I decided to upgrade myself from Adobe Photoshop to Adobe Illustrator.  In the process, I’m awing in the genius while simultaneously ripping my hair out.  It’s not as simple as drawing a circle and filling it with the paint bucket fill tool anymore.  There are vectors, paths, anchors, and handles.  I’m trying to learn it all and even tried to produce an extremely ambitious project for you guys.  But after about 2 hours that yielded me something not very satisfying, I decided I needed to practice a little more with the simple stuff before I tried to go for the advanced things.

Luckily, I’ll use simple enough interface to draw for Universidaze, so I’ll try and use Illustrator for my comics for now on as a means of practice.  To promote and test it out, I drew up this quick Miles from Univesidaze in Illustrator and it took me about 10 minutes to draw that.  It literally takes me 2 in photoshop, but this is something hopefully practice will help me fix. So that’s my excuse for no legitimate Sunday Sketch, but I’ll include the 2 failed projects below just so you can see how hard I tried for you guys.



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As I finished up drawing Catwoman, I got the idea in my head to kinda go through my process of drawing with you guys. It will be very similar to the walk through of how I maintain my blog. Overall it’s a very interesting concept and I’ve learned A LOT in my journey as an amateur artist. Let me remind everyone: I am not an art major. Almost the exact actually, an engineer. So I have no real knowledge of how this is supposed to be done. The method I use is a rudimentary method of drawing some very amateur sketches. As I get more ambitious, I learn new things and methods that certainly make things easier as I apply them to whatever I draw. My most recent and ambitious project as of late is this Catwoman sketch which is still a work in progress. But I decided to take a break and kinda take you step by step with what I do.

List of Materials:

  • Graphics tablet and pen
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Internet
  • Imagination

Read below for my step by step process. The main idea of this blog is simple: create a layer for everything. You’ll see why below. Please comment if you have any questions or critiques to make things easier! I don’t intend this post to be a guide. There are much better guides out there, it’s more of a documentation of my experiences. I’ll try and explain my steps with helpful screen caps to keep things clear. If you however want more details on this, I can certainly answer any questions you might have for me in the comment section below. I check this blog often so I’ll likely respond to your comments fairly quickly!


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