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As I finished up drawing Catwoman, I got the idea in my head to kinda go through my process of drawing with you guys. It will be very similar to the walk through of how I maintain my blog. Overall it’s a very interesting concept and I’ve learned A LOT in my journey as an amateur artist. Let me remind everyone: I am not an art major. Almost the exact actually, an engineer. So I have no real knowledge of how this is supposed to be done. The method I use is a rudimentary method of drawing some very amateur sketches. As I get more ambitious, I learn new things and methods that certainly make things easier as I apply them to whatever I draw. My most recent and ambitious project as of late is this Catwoman sketch which is still a work in progress. But I decided to take a break and kinda take you step by step with what I do.

List of Materials:

  • Graphics tablet and pen
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Internet
  • Imagination

Read below for my step by step process. The main idea of this blog is simple: create a layer for everything. You’ll see why below. Please comment if you have any questions or critiques to make things easier! I don’t intend this post to be a guide. There are much better guides out there, it’s more of a documentation of my experiences. I’ll try and explain my steps with helpful screen caps to keep things clear. If you however want more details on this, I can certainly answer any questions you might have for me in the comment section below. I check this blog often so I’ll likely respond to your comments fairly quickly!



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