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Introducing a new segment of Banana Feed I call ‘Quips’.  They’ll normally include a photo or video with a short summary and such.  This’ll allow me to post more than once a day without blowing all my articles in one day.  Hope you enjoy them!

As for the photo.  This is just simply one of the craziest assortment of ladies around a very suave Clive Owen.  British supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, American Actress Uma Thurman, Malaysian born Asian superstar Michelle Yeoh, and award winning British actress Tilda Swinton?  How does one man entertain all those woman from clearly different backgrounds?  Just how good is he?  Wishing he could teach me a lesson or two.

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It’s just a week for movie reviews isn’t it?  There was a lot of talk from Michael Bay about his follow-up to his multimillion dollar Transformers franchise.  There was talk about how even he himself thought the second one was absolutely horrible – all ranging from the acting to the story.  He claimed he would fix a lot of these mistakes in his third and final chapter of the Transformers series, including the incomprehensible story and the fact that too many people kept dying and coming back to life.  Despite these atrocious elements that made watching the second one unbearable, it still provided itself as a means to fill the destruction and sci-fi chaos that my inner 10 year old occasionally required.  I figured Dark of the Moon would be similar.  So even though I knew itwas going to be a trip from hell, I watched it anyways.


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