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Sometimes movies need to be cut for the final release because of time constraints or test screens.  But this cut can certainly leave out a lot of plot points that are key to the film’s consistency and flow.  Unreality has compiled a list of Directors Cut’s [Versions of the movies that have been recompiled by the vision of the director] that fix what were once thought of as broken and incoherent movies.  Maybe you’ll think twice before you say, “”Check out the link below.

Director Cuts Significantly Superior to the Theatrical Releases


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Unreality aka the most inspiring website for this blog has had some very awesome and original articles.  This one features good director cuts [specifically not extended] that feature much more sensical plots that are much better than the theatrical cuts.  Be sure to visit at the link below.

The Five Best Director Cuts

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Some Easter eggs will never be discovered unless revealed by Director Commentary or a film psychopath systematically breaks down every scene he watches and compiles the picture above which features the infamous YO Pizza Planet Truck from the first Toy Story in near every Pixar movie.  Cracked [of course] has compiled 6 other amazing Easter Eggs that will seriously blow your mind out of your face if you’re not prepared.

7 Insane Easter Eggs

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