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Sure there were quite a few movie spots in the Superbowl, but none as awesome as the Avengers.  And by awesome, I meant explodey.  My gosh they’re really selling the whole action movie.  I sure hope this thing isn’t a loud bust, or else I and tons of others will be really upset.  Regardless, the classic Tony Stark humor is always appreciated and once again we ended on the Hulk screaming.  Literally, almost every Avengers teaser ends with the Hulk screaming.

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The superbowl was last weekend, and I know I didn’t do much to hype it up.  By hyping it up, I meant talking about commercials and the sneak previews for movies coming down the tube.  Here we have the gracious network host of the Superbowl, NBC, promoting themselves during this time of absurd viewership.

I wrote the following message on the facebook wall of a friend who promoted this clip for Community’s likely return:

NBC is quite the disaster. They put all their eggs in that commercial. And it’s still an ugly looking basket. The last place major network uses its lucky break aka the Superbowl to promote everything it had to offer. Which probably only includes NBC Comedy Thursday and maybe SNL in my opinion. Whitney and Chelsea Handler be damned and all the other TV shows that I and America didn’t recognize. #Sixseasonsandamovie

I’m mainly upset for the whole ‘let’s put Community on hiatus’ deal, but let’s honest.  Besides NBC Thursday night comedy and possibly SNL, I, as a decent representation of what the 18-25 demographic of an average American, do not recognize nor do I care about any of those shows.  Their dramas easily lose out to other big networks like Fox and ABC, and even a smaller network like F/X has some seriously formidable programs.  Soak up your fame as you had it NBC, as the boycott on your network continues as long as Whitney and that Chelsea Handler show lives and Community remains on hiatus.

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