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First off, Ron Perlman is one hell of a guy.  When Perlman caught wind of a terminal child wanting to be dressed like Hellboy for the Make a Wish Foundation, he took it upon himself to dress up with him, donning the infamous horns and fist to hang out with this little boy.  He’s all around awesome for doing this, and this story makes me feel all fuzzy inside.  I absolutely loved Hellboy and I like Ron Perlman even more now because of him doing this.

And this act of kindness got director Guillermo del Toro thinking of another Hellboy movie, which would be AWESOME, considering I loved those movies.  Check out the link below to see what del Toro had to say.

Hellboy 3 Ideas



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I’ve never known Ryan Gosling to be an action star.  I’ve affiliated him with movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Notebook, Lars and the Real Girl, and Blue Valentine – a very talented actor who should stick with dramas.  So when I saw him in this movie with a premise very similar to Transporter, I was confused if whether or not he was simply getting a paycheck or if he found something special in the script he read.  After sitting through it, I found out which one of those were true.  And it turns out Ryan Gosling doesn’t need and likely never will require a ‘paycheck’ because Drive turns out to be one the best films of the year, and you’ll be seeing Gosling again and again after his mesmerizing performance.  SPOILERS.


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