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Well talk about nerdcore.  Take Wiz Khalifa’s addictive beat from Black and Yellow and replace ‘You know what it is’ with ‘House Baratheon’, and you’ve got quite possibly one of the nerdiest things you could ever do with a song.  I’m not going to rat on these guys too much, because I personally think what they did was really awesome, clever, and neat, but if truth be told, they look EXACTLY like what people think of as ‘people who read the Song of Ice and Fire series’.  Regardless, I’m really hoping they come out with an entire album for all the houses and respective raps.  I’ll keep some tabs on this.

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Freaks and Geeks

We’re back!  I have emerged alive from Georgia Tech’s most recent blow to my brain: 3 tests in one week – Organic Chemistry 2, Differential Equations, and Chemical Engineering.  I was mentally fried and far too stressed to write articles about SO MANY THINGS that have happened in the past 2 weeks or so.  Stay tuned for tons of new posts!  I’ll be sure to post through the weekends to make up for the last few weeks of hiatus.  Now let’s get to the topic at hand.

If you watch Community, then you know who Troy Barnes is.  He is played by actor Donald Glover, who actually has a rap alias named Childish Gambino.  If you’ve ever listened to his stuff, you’ll know how sick a rapper he is.  People have compared him to a combination of Drake and Lil’ Wayne, but I think he’s in a category all in his own.  His rap is actually better than a lot of other rap.  You can listen to any of his songs a dozen times or more and you’ll still find yourself catching new meaning to his lyrics.  So when he says ‘I got some pu**y that insane, so insane, it’s an enemy of Batman’ or ‘I’m a beast bitch, Grrr, Invader Zim’ or ‘I’m heading west like I’m f***ing blowing Kanye’, that means you’re picking up on the hundreds of pop cultural references in his raps.  Seriously, if you’re not listening to him now, start.  All his music used to be free, but now he’s signed to a label and you can see him on itunes.  This posts compiles a couple of videos from Youtube of my favorite songs from him.  Visit his website at iamdonald.com


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