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I have two cousins around the age of 9 and 4.  When they come visit me [or I come visit them from college], I, my parents, and my uncle and aunt have found television a great way to pacify them.  As cruel and demeaning to them as it sounds, I’m sure my parent readers know what it’s like to require some peace and quiet.  But when I don’t feel old enough to talk to my parents and uncles and aunts [although I’m 20, so I feel as though I should], more than often, I sit with them to see what’s still running on good old Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network these days.  Truth be told, I’m pretty disgusted in what flies as acceptable for cartoon shows these days.  Things like this Gumball show or Chowder, what have you.  I don’t identify with any of it.  But I’m probably as disgusted as my parents were when I turned on shows like Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents in the 2000s, and even shows like Doug and Rockos Modern Life in the 90s.  Regardless, despite the childish aspect of some of these cartoon shows, there are a couple of respectable cartoon shows that, while catered to children, also capture my interest due to themes only adults would get and character/story development that goes far beyond the minds of the targeted demographic.  Below I’ve compiled 5 cartoon shows that are catered to mostly children and my explanations as to why a 20 year old like myself would totally still watch it.


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