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Donnie Darko was a complex movie.  So complex and intimidating, that I’ve only watched it once because I didn’t want to put myself through the mind stress.  But below, Metaphilm has compiled a theory and explanation to the cult classic.  It’s fairly similar to the Breaking Down of Memento’s time structure.  Donnie Darko is significantly more difficult and complex, so the idea of physics and tangentals are sprinkled here and there.  But if you want to try hard, I recommend you check out the link below.

Breaking Down Donnie Darko

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M. Night Shyamalan used to be the master of the movie twist.  Everyone knows what happens in the Sixth Sense and I thought Unbreakable was pretty good.  But Complex has compiled 50 of the best twists.  And while I’m sure M. Night Shyamalan has left his mark, that just means there’s 40 more movies out there that are either better or just as good as his old stuff.  There will be no discussion of how he destroyed Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Bah-doy-doy, spoilers ahead, so only visit if you think you’re bold enough to have watched the best movies with spoilers.  I’m not so bold, but I couldn’t pass the opportunity to test the ambitious.

The Best 50 Movie Twists

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Follow @GregBurney  for this rendition and awesome breakdown of the one of Christopher Nolan’s first movies Memento.  If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s probably one of film buff’s 101 movies to watch.  The style, the story, the performance.  Everything about this movie will make you fall in love with the industry like I have.  And it’s clear that others who have fallen in love with the industry can create graphics like this to absolutely blow people’s mind just as much as the movie did.

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These days, Christopher Nolan is a household name.  Or at least he’s known as ‘guy who did Inception and Batman’.  He doesn’t have too many credits to his name, but the sheer genius of everything he’s involved in speaks volume about his careful choice in material and his ability to deliver.  I personally have seen six out of the seven movie’s he’s released under the name director.  What’s also incredible is the fact he’s had a hand in writing most of these films too.  I’ve always believed a director should be involved in the writing process, so that the visualization can match the execution.  So I’ve ranked the six Christopher Nolan movies I’ve seen.  Comparison of these movies against each other is like comparing the best athlete when you’re picking from the Miami Heat or the best alcohol for a good night.  You’re ranking system can be heavily affected the mere mood you’re in.  Being number 6 on a Christopher Nolan film is still like being 20 on the best movies of all time list.  Hit the jump to check out number one.  Potential spoilers below.


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