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Donnie Darko was a complex movie.  So complex and intimidating, that I’ve only watched it once because I didn’t want to put myself through the mind stress.  But below, Metaphilm has compiled a theory and explanation to the cult classic.  It’s fairly similar to the Breaking Down of Memento’s time structure.  Donnie Darko is significantly more difficult and complex, so the idea of physics and tangentals are sprinkled here and there.  But if you want to try hard, I recommend you check out the link below.

Breaking Down Donnie Darko

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Some movie or television apocalypses on television are so completely detrimental, that it’s clear how humanity truly doesn’t stand a chance.  There are plenty of disaster/apocalyptic movies that use devices like these to make us sympathize for humanity and the characters in them.  However, maybe not all these movies get the sympathy they want: most zombie movies simply involve waiting the zombies to starve out is an example of how time could possibly beat the Apocalypse.  Cracked has naturally compiled such a list.  Check it out below.

Movie Apocalypses that Time Would Fix

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