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There’s a very strong debate swinging in my head. In anticipation for Game of Thrones season 2, I’ve already made the conviction to read the book A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. This was to gain insight to some of the ulterior moves of some characters and I’ve been told time and time again that the television show, while a great adaptation, holds no comparison to the book. Seeing as I’ve already seen the series on television, there will likely be little spoilers as I read the book.

Now here comes the debate. As soon as I finish the first book, Game of Thrones season 2 is heavily based on the George R.R. Martin’s second book, A Clash of Kings. The debate is whether or not I should read the book before/during season 2 and spoil the television series. Hit the jump for some back story to help you get some perspective on the situation. Incredibly spoilertastic to those who haven’t watched the series, but no spoilers for those who kept up with the book series. Before you comment, please no spoilers for the upcoming Season 2 or the book A Clash of Kings. I will end you if you dare spoil me.



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