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We posted about how Psy has affected pop culture before with Han Solo.  This is an equally awesome mash up that combines Gangnam Style with Stanley Kubrik’s The Shining.  I personally like this one even more just solely based from Shelley Duvall’s reaction whilst holding a knife.  Anyone else think this Gungnam fad will fade out eventually?


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Gungnam Style is a pop culture phenomenon.  So combining it with other pop culture phenomenons seems like a good idea.  Take this Empire Strikes Back example.  This is the scene where Lando betrays Han, and betrays he does.  When Han expects a pleasant dinner, he is instead greeted by Psy and the humping-asian-dude-in-a-straw-hat.  Naturally, Han fires first (like a mother f*cking boss), only to have the asian man’s lumps and bumps deflect them.

An unnecessary breakdown of the 30 seconds clip?  Yes.  But I personally had fun writing it.

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