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rick on what we are

At San Diego Comic Con, there were a lot of news bombs dropped in terms of movies, television, and books.  AMC released an amazingly well put together trailer for season 4 of the Walking Dead.  Season 3 and show runner Glenn Mazarra took an amazing step forward in realizing what the Walking Dead had the potential to be, but after differences between book creator, Robert Kirkman and Glenn Mazarra, the show let Mazarra go.

Scott Gimple took the reins, who is credited for some of the show’s strongest episodes such as Sophie’s status after the barn and Rick’s memorable reencounter with the psychologically damaged Morgan.  This has already created potential for making season 4 the strongest season yet.  And as a book reader, I have quite the idea of what this season will be centered on.

This article is NOT meant TV-only fans, it is meant for comic book readers who have finished the prison arc.

If you do not want to be spoiled, LEAVE NOW before I ruin the show for you.  Once again, this article/discussion is only for book readers and those who want to be spoiled.



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