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I’m really starting to like these Maintenance updates primarily because I don’t get to write much creative writing anymore because between school and writing about Youtube videos I found, there isn’t much room for creative flair.  But it turns out I can dish out some personality through these updates.  So instead of the usual straightforward talk as seen in the eighty word descriptions that usually circulate this site, there’s a little bit of sarcasm and wit.  I’m sure as I keep doing these, they’ll get more and more outrageous.  But enough about that, let’s get to the exciting news.

Maintenance Update on a Sunday?  Where’s my Weekly Preview?

I’ve decided to roll a Maintenance update every week by combining it with the Weekly Preview.  So on Sundays, you’ll have an update with everything we’re doing here at Banana Scoop as well as a a look at what we’re cooking up this week.  Granted, the combination of the two means the both will lose some content than they usually would have alone [shorter updates and smaller previews], but combined, I think we’re killing two birds with one stone.  And besides, that just means I can write Tuesday articles again!

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