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I find out that Emi is apparently the girl I’m ‘stuck’ with.  My reaction is…interesting.

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Banana Scoop returns from a small hiatus after a very stressful week at university.  Black Carnival, art profiles, articles and more are coming!  For now, let’s get to meeting some very ‘special’ [I’m going to hell for this] ladies in this week’s episode of Katawa Shoujo.

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In this episode, I get put in between two girls who absolutely loathe each other.  I’m then faced with a choice which I think dictates who I get to ‘date’ later on.

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Things get super awkward in this episode where I get a near heart attack and get posed with some serious questions of how I should approach things at this school!

Also we meet two very interesting people who are missing some very interesting body parts…

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In this episode, we get to know our mysterious blonde and take a trip to the library, where we meet another unexpecting person!  Everything goes to hell!

In other blog related news:

  • This week is a new level of hell for me at school.  Senior design phase I due, homework assignments, lab reports, and tests galore.
  • What this means for you = Banana Scoop will be on a wee bit of a hiatus this week.
  • I’m going to try to catch up on everything I missed: League of Legends, Black Carnival, articles, and more by the end of the weekend.
  • If anyone truly wants it, I can upload the next Katawa Shoujo if anyone’s watching lol.

I should be doing work instead of writing this at 1:36am.

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In this episode, Misha and Shizune take me out to play boardgames with them.  I also meet a mysterious blonde!

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In this episode, Hikai gets introduced to some staff members and who members of his class.  He meets the class representative Shizune, a deaf girl, and Mikai, her translator.

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Okay, this is something that’s a little weird, I admit.  But let me give you some background on this incredibly fascinating game.

The majority of the story takes place at the fictional Yamaku High School for disabled children, located in an unnamed city somewhere in modern, northern Japan.[4] Hisao Nakai, a normal boy, has his life changed when a long-dormant cardiac dysrhythmia forces him to transfer to a new school after a long hospitalization. Despite his difficulties, Hisao has the opportunity to find friends and love.

from Wikipedia

Katawa Shoujou is a visual novel game type that is very popular in Japan.  For non-informed peoples, visual novels are text and image based games where an image of a character is displayed on a screen while their dialogue is presented below them.

I’ve found Katawa Shoujou to be an incredibly fascinating game.  The main character Hisao Nakai gets transferred to a school for ‘disabled children’ [the concept of a school being only dedicated to disabled children is one that I’m not entirely behind, but it brings up an interested premise], where he meets primarily five girls who each have a disability.  These disabilities range from blindness to amputees to burn victims.  The visual novel aspects essentially turns into a dating game, where these girls become complex characters that you begin to care for and understand.

Now the most fascinating aspect of this game was how it was created.  Essentially birthed from the minds of 4Chan, an internet forum board infamous for hacking, posting lewd pictures, and essentially scarring your childhood, the game has been praised for incredibly high emotional depth and an shocking look into the disabilities it covers.  More importantly, it respects the disabilities and treatment of the controversial material.

So I’ve decided to take a stab at the free game, released for PC, Mac, and Linux to see what all the controversy is.  I agree that this is one of the more radical things I’ve done and it’s even weirder that I’m sharing it with you all, but I’m hoping I learn a thing or to as well as find out what exactly person I truly am…

Watch the Let’s Play to possibly take a look at who I really am.

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