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Tressugar compiled an interesting list with actors who have gone full frontal.  This isn’t what we usually cover, but Jason Segal made this list and I absolutely love him after his stunt he pulled on Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  It’s not that I like man junk, but it’s an overall interesting list to see brave actors who have allowed millions of people to see them.  Literally millions of people.  No way I’d do that kind of thing.  Semi-NSFW material ahead.


Actors Who Have Gone Full Frontal

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Blooper Reels are hilarious at the end of movies because they demonstrate what actors are like behind the cameras.  I feel as though it would be impossible to not laugh at some of the jokes they come up with, and I felt right.  A lot of the jokes that make it into the movie were originally laughed at and it was probably only after a dozen takes did they regain the composure to make the final take.  Below I’ve compiled 5 fantastic blooper reels along with a bonus deleted scene that is pretty much a blooper reel.


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