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Judd Apatow is an American film producer, director, writer, and screenwriter. His American film/television production company Apatow Productions pumps out quality comedy with a vengeance. If you aren’t familiar with the name you are definitely familiar with the work. Mr. Apatow has been breathing life into the best comedies of the past decade. He is the wizard of odd, the maestro behind the curtain. I believe Apatow has been the driving factor in revitalizing the comedy genre. Before Judd, R-rated comedies were not big business. The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up changed all of that. They changed people’s idea of what a comedy could accomplish. The films Apatow creates are not defined by silly slapstick or outrageous situations. These comedic elements definitely have a role in comedy but Apatow’s works gave us a new, more touching breed. The reason they have been so successful to me is that the characters feel so real. The characters feel like the friends you always wish you had. The dryness and raunchy nature of Apatow’s comedies are what gives them their human tone. Life is messy and pathetic as hell. Judd’s films show us that the unappealing facets of life are what provide the color. Friendship is also a common theme. Every time I see another one of his works I can’t help but smile at all the silly moments that life is going to bring.

The following are the 5 films I believe best represent Apatow’s special brand of comedy: (more…)

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Besides from Tropic Thunder, The 40 Year Old Virgin is probably my favorite comedy.  Like the article said, I think this is Judd Apatow’s best directed movie.  I thought it was certainly the funniest and the one with  the most heart.  Funny People was oddly misguided and Knocked Up was funny, but not as funny as this.  Warming Glow has compiled FORTY gifs of some of the best quotes from the movie.  I absolutely loved scrolling through this gallery, and if you loved the movie, you will too.

Best of the 40 Year Old Virgin

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Blooper Reels are hilarious at the end of movies because they demonstrate what actors are like behind the cameras.  I feel as though it would be impossible to not laugh at some of the jokes they come up with, and I felt right.  A lot of the jokes that make it into the movie were originally laughed at and it was probably only after a dozen takes did they regain the composure to make the final take.  Below I’ve compiled 5 fantastic blooper reels along with a bonus deleted scene that is pretty much a blooper reel.


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