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So about last year, I really started getting into comic books and graphic novels.  Back then, I primarily stuck with graphic novels, stories that had distinct endings and were no longer in continuation.  The primary reason I did this was because I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get into the monthly issue release that would warrant me spending money and money over time and again.  So as the year progressed, I had successfully finished some of the greatest graphic novels out there: Watchmen, Wanted, The Dark Knight Returns, Black Hole, along with volumes and compendiums of the most popular story arcs such as The Long Halloween, The Walking Dead Compendium I + II, and Kick-Ass.  Now that I’m nearing the point where there aren’t many graphic novels left that I haven’t heard of.

So I’ve begun getting into series that are now ongoing, finding that they’re even more exhilarating because it’s like I’m joining a number of fan-bases that are eagerly awaiting the release of the next issue.  It’s a similar feeling as waiting for The Winds of Winter, or the next Superman vs. Batman movie.  With anticipation, there is some form of unification of a fanbase that spawns theories, speculations, and the like.

So today we’re going to talk about some of the comic books that I’m reading and some that I plan on beginning to read. Minor spoils ahead!



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My graphic novel obsession has begun.  I recently dropped $70 on new books [a considerable amount for a college student], on a bundle of new graphic novels/comic books.  Barnes and Noble’s online store had a buy 2 DC comics, get a third one free was too much of a deal and I had to buy 6.  When they came in, despite being in the middle of Mockingjay (a review later this week), I made some of them a priority in reading.  In this article, I include my initial impressions of graphic novels and a relatively spoiler free impression of the ones I did read.

My New Graphic Novels

  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1 & 2
  • Watchmen
  • The Killing Joke
  • Dark Victory
  • A Long Halloween


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Hitfix came up with this awesome list about 20 movies we’ve been waiting on.  Whether they be sequels of old movies or ones that the director has been always interested in making, it’s all here.  Some of them are even planned and in production as you read this!  I’m already excited for the Arrested Development movie!  Apparently the first episode title of Arrested Development has been leaked.  It’s nothing spectacular being titled: Arrested Development: Michael, but it proves it’s in production!  I can’t get excited enough for such a thing.  Check out this movie and the rest of the stuff below by clicking the link.

20 Movies We’re Still Waiting For


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