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Hopefully you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving break (for those of you who had one), for the rest of you, I apologize for not being able to post last week. I was incredibly busy, but now it’s time to get back to the weekly grind and give you guys the final installment of the Borderlands 2 Character Build Guides for now, at least until they release the next awaited character (who has been hinted at by Pitchford himself.) Anyway, let’s move onto the reason why we’re all here, Maya, the siren. While I haven’t had much playtime with her, she has been one of the most fun multiplayer experiences I’ve had thus far with the characters. While I don’t feel that she’s suited to single-player play due to her ability, I feel like Maya reigns supreme in lobbies due to her ability to both lock down an opponent and revive other players from across the map with appropriate aim. For the rest of the following article, you’ll be learning a bit about Maya’s history, reading about my playstyle with her, learning a way to build her, and checking which weapons I find useful with her. Without further ado, let us begin. (more…)


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Welcome to the fourth installment of the Borderlands 2 In-depth Character Guides. For those of you who have read through the others, you know the drill, for those newcomers, allow me to cover a little step-by-step. Essentially these guides are made to help those new to the game adjust to their characters and learn fun ways to build them accordingly (as well as what weapons I prefer to use with them, but seeing as they’re mostly legendary, they’re a moot point until late/end-game). Anyway, this week’s guide focuses on one of the most fun characters to play in Borderlands 2, Salvadore, the Gunzerker. While a little psychotic and rather odd, this tanky character allows the player to dual wield guns at will, allowing him to increase is damage output and granting him some really awesome passive abilities. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the fourth guide in this set. If you’re new to the format, I’ll cover some secret information about the character’s history that are embedded into the game, followed by a set of builds to use for your character, and ending with a set of weapons that I deem appropriate for your character in particular (the character in question being reviewed).  (more…)

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The mid-season finale of Breaking Bad was done over a month ago and I’m still feeling the aftershocks of it.  I found this sweet video that chronicles the change of Walter White’s character throughout all the seasons.  Naturally, a brush of nostalgic and spine chilling air swept over me as the music tuned in with the perfect moments created an unforgettable 8 minutes.  Before I posted this video, I literally watched this video at least once a week for the cheap thrills.  Breaking Bad is just so good because of it’s complexity and underlying themes.  It’s so much more than a guy cooking some meth and getting tangled into drug rings.  An ace Youtube commenter marked minute as the ‘death’ of Walter White.  Well at least the metaphorical death, whereas the rest of the series he’s essentially full blown Heisenberg.  I highly recommend any Breaking Bad fan to watch this clip.  SPOILERS FROM THE ENTIRE SERIES.

Now someone needs to do a Jessie Pinkman video.  Like now.

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