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The mid-season finale of Breaking Bad was done over a month ago and I’m still feeling the aftershocks of it.  I found this sweet video that chronicles the change of Walter White’s character throughout all the seasons.  Naturally, a brush of nostalgic and spine chilling air swept over me as the music tuned in with the perfect moments created an unforgettable 8 minutes.  Before I posted this video, I literally watched this video at least once a week for the cheap thrills.  Breaking Bad is just so good because of it’s complexity and underlying themes.  It’s so much more than a guy cooking some meth and getting tangled into drug rings.  An ace Youtube commenter marked minute as the ‘death’ of Walter White.  Well at least the metaphorical death, whereas the rest of the series he’s essentially full blown Heisenberg.  I highly recommend any Breaking Bad fan to watch this clip.  SPOILERS FROM THE ENTIRE SERIES.

Now someone needs to do a Jessie Pinkman video.  Like now.

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