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Another excellent Cracked photoplasty taking the names of movies very literally and photoshopping their covers or key scenes.  Thinking of names like: There Will Be Blood, Road House, or even the very hilarious Rain Man as pictured above can definitely produce some very witty results.  And don’t get me started on how worse things get when you start getting sexual puns involved.  Die Hard, That Thing You Do.  Oh boy.  Slightly NSFW, so keep your heads above water ladies and gents.

Movie Titles Taken Literally


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I don’t know who came up with this, I highly doubt it’s originally done on SoMuchPun.com, as original content [dubbed OC by the internet] is so hard to claim these days.  But you can’t deny how adorable and hilariously punny this image is.  The poorly shopped glasses make it even better when the characters deliver their one-liners.

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