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Moving on to Bigger and Better Things.

After ten years, the television station known as G4, formerly known as Tech T.V, will be saying goodbye to long time Attack of the Show host and Kevin ‘Dude Manrod’ Pereira. To honor the likable and witty show host, Attack of the Show will be airing clips from his history with the station until the 31st, when he is slated to leave the show (and quite possibly the network) for good. The second host of the show to leave after gamer pin-up gal Olivia Munn, this leaves questions as to how the show will function without its headliner. As a gamer, I will still avidly support G4 TV and its endeavors (hoping that they remove the cops, cheaters, and campus PD that are so notoriously clogging up my precious viewing time). Anyway, I’ll definitely miss Kevin on the show, but I also look forward to seeing who they get to fill those huge shoes. Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood are amazing, hot, and quirky personalities, but the gaming community is still a male-centered area, and needs a bit more testosterone to relate to (not being offensive, just saying that us guys need someone to look up to is all).

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