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I’ve finally caught up with FX’s Louie to season 3 and there are a lot of feelings.  Louie is not your traditional comedy.  It doesn’t play by the rules of other sitcoms.  The lead character is probably on the bottom of the tv totem poll of lead characters in terms of looks or glamour.  There is no useless eye candy of a character to buy in its viewers.  The jokes aren’t as obvious.  And the it’s definitely one of the harder shows to watch on regular programming.  But while these things are often used as a means to berate any given show, these are actually Louie’s strengths.

Louis C.K. the creator and star of the show says that this show of his is set around 5 years before he claims to ‘have made it big’, when he was a semi-struggling comic tasked with raising his kids from a joint custody divorce.  He’s overweight, balding, and is awkward in social situations.  His life has its ups and downs [mostly downs], but Louie seems to have a certain…’code’ he lives to.  And when the absurdities of society humanity try to warp and influence his code, he’s put in a fixed position: conform or defy.  Much of the optimism in a relatively dark show is displayed through these moments when Louis stays true to himself, but one of the show’s [few] problems is that it takes so long to get there, it’s difficult to stay along for the ride to wait for the punchline [which is ironically no punchline in some cases].  All in all, Louie boils down to many hard truths that are difficult to hear, but resonate with profound meaning…all while making us laugh at some of the situations he’s put into.  Check out my review and some of the highlights of what is definitely one of the smarter TV shows on air right now.


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