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Lisbeth Salander is by likely by far my favorite fictional character in the universe. After reading her adventures in Stieg Larssonn’s novels, I went on to fall in love with Rooney Mara’s Oscar nominated performance and in response, fell in love with Mara herself. I even dedicated a large image gallery simply dedicated to the best Rooney Mara pictures I could dig up. So I decided to honor Ms. Salander with a image gallery of her own with Deviant Art’s best pictures. Be sure to visit the artists themselves, whose names are left on the image captions. I’ve even included my rendition, but it doesn’t compare to the masters of their crafts. I tried to stray away from direct images from movie inspirations and tried to stick to original depictions of the puzzling but lovable Lisbeth Salander.



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So, in a rather strange twist of reality, a hacker was apparently recently asked to break into the e-mail accounts of not only the Call of Duty creator’s e-mails, but most of Infinity Ward in a suit against the company by Activision. The hacker, once denied assistance by Microsoft, went to more shady business dealings to get the job done. The details are still hazy, but apparently Activision must want to win this case something awful if they resorted to hiring a hacker to steal e-mails. Read the full story in the article sourced below and let us know what you think of this entire debacle.

Source: Hacker Enlists Microsofts Help Breaking Into IW E-mails

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