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The Anchorman announcement on Conan a couple of weeks ago signaled quite a harmonious uproar of excitement and dorkgasms and douchegasms alike on the internet.  And then with a released poster of 4 pairs of stylish shoes managed to get us even more excited.  But then they also released an alternative trailer with a little tweak of lines.  I had difficulty choosing which one I loved more, so I included both.  You’ll see the other one below.

But in probably bigger news, The Great Gatsby released its first trailer the other day, featuring a very interesting look at the 1920 [which interestingly look like a steampunk version of what the universe was in the Speed Racer movie was set in].  Leonardo DiCaprio as usual looks like he’s killin’ his role, although an interesting comment was made on the Youtube video hailing how Michael Fassbender should’ve been Gatsy, an idea I could completely get behind.  Regardless, it’s an interesting trailer and is expected to be released December 25th, 2012.  You know what else is released December 25th?  Django Unchained.   Where’s the trailer to that movie?


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