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I would’ve had this article up yesterday had it not been for the Finals I had to take yesterday.  As many of you know, The Dark Knight Rises trailer has hit the internet, making a wave of spine tingling emotions be felt across the world.  The trailer itself is fairly unorthodox to most trailers I’ve seen for a number of reasons.  We’re essentially told a miniature story within the trailer.  That part is not so unorthodox because most trailers these days seem to give the entire plot to the movie in 3:00 minutes.  But this trailer told a different story.  I think it’s a way of us getting a grasp on the 8 year gap between The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight, to see what has happened to Gotham and Batman.  From what I can tell, he’ been nearly exhausted as a man and feels as though he’s responsible for maintaining Gotham, even in a its darkest hour [Bane’s coming] that will likely destroy him.  I’m sure this theme will be reiterated throughout the movie, but I think having a grasp on this idea know will help us find deeper meaning in what I’m sure is to be a very complex story. Overall, here’s some notes I’ve been taking as I watched the trailer. (more…)

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