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Cilla’s concept has come a long way.  She started off like this and I’ve taken inspriation from Kazumi from Tokyo Ghost and Ally from Sunstone.

Cilla is the no-nonsense Guardian Angel for Maximillian Reily.  She’s unmatched with a blade and wields it with deadly precision.  For tougher foes, she uses the charms on her belt for diversions and empowerments.  As Max’s Guardian Angel, her overall strength is inverse to her client’s health making her faster/stronger/deadlier when Max’s life is threatened.


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Here’s my first official drawing fresh off the new scanner I got!  I decided to pencil and ink Maximillian a ‘supporting’ character in my Black Carnival series.  He’s the charismatic cousin to Gillian Akers and the only other survivor of her family’s massacre.  He takes an optimistic approach to life, thanking the powers that be for passing through their trials.

That being said, he won’t take his fortune for granted.  His cheerful demeanor disguises his resolute nature only to those who have just met him.

Art wise my shading is incredibly inconsistent as I have no idea what I’m doing.  Though I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Here’s what he used to look like when the idea was first conceived.


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p1 800 final

The Black Carnival Page 1: The Devil’s Breath

I’ve come a long way from art profiles, and seeing something I’m very passionate come to life like this is fairly incredible.  The start has been bumpy and I know the art isn’t as driving as some of my previous stuff but as I keep doing these, I know I’m getting faster and more efficient.  Being faster and efficient means there is time to try different techniques to improve quality.

In terms of writing and progress, I’m hoping to maintain the weekly schedule.  I aleady have rough sketches of the next two pages, and I have to ink, color, shade, and add text to them.  I’ve also  got at least the next 12 or so pages somewhat scripted out.  In terms of the big story, I have most of that on paper at least, so I’m in no shortage of material, but time constraints may occur.  Please bear with me if hiatuses occur, I’ll do my best to share my story.

Anyways, enjoy the story!

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