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I’m not much of a late night talk show guy, but out of the trope, I think I like Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien the most.  The latter has a small series that caters to two of our categories here at Banana Scoop: television and video games.  Conan isn’t much of a video game player, but he’ll often take up the sticks and play a game or two.  It’s really funny how he applies his wit to point out basic plot holes in hilarious ways.  You simply have to see it yourself.  I’ve included his ‘review’ on Minecraft and below includes Skyrim and some others.  Both Skyrim and Minecraft are absolutely hilarious, and I hope he does more in the future!


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Pop culture rapidly comes together in this anti zombie team.  I would like to say this strictly came from movies and television, but we’ve got some internet pop culture as well as religious figures.  I honestly only recognize 7/8 of the people on this.  For those who don’t know: From left to right: John Rambo, Techno Viking, Youtube Weapons Guy [I think, is this the guy who has all the COD guns in real life?], McGyver, Jesus, Jackie Chan, Myster Guy, and Justin Bieber.  Go google most of these if you’re not sure who they really are.  Regardless, it’s a fairly well put together team, except I think the Brawler and Speed Fighter would easily get eaten and zombified first.  Well at least after Bieber goes.

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