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So this is a really cool image about Nintento’s past with controllers.  It’s a really neat graphic that morphs the Nintendo Entertainment System controller through all the other controllers that lead up to this current Wii controller.  It’s really neat at first at how buttons  are slowly added slowly and then all of a sudden, you change from the Gamecube controller to the tiny Wii stick.  I’m sure in a couple of months the creator will make a new .gif that includes the Wii U controller.  That hulking mass of a tablet/controller.

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This is a very cool video of applying some of our favorite SNES games caked onto real life places and scenarios.  Whether it’s Mario at an actual desert or DK in an actual jungle, or maybe even the Street Fighters actually fighting in the street, this is a cool compilation of [some very old] video game pop culture with today’s current and very real life.

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