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So this is a really cool image about Nintento’s past with controllers.  It’s a really neat graphic that morphs the Nintendo Entertainment System controller through all the other controllers that lead up to this current Wii controller.  It’s really neat at first at how buttons  are slowly added slowly and then all of a sudden, you change from the Gamecube controller to the tiny Wii stick.  I’m sure in a couple of months the creator will make a new .gif that includes the Wii U controller.  That hulking mass of a tablet/controller.

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The day has come when the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, the man who brought us the Legend of Zelda and Mario series, wants to work on an FPS. In a strange turn of events, Miyamoto has stated to others that he wishes to work on a project a little more Doom or Call of Duty oriented, but he lacks the time to do so. I’m not quite sure how the people would react to such a thing, but I’m fairly certain that it would be an interesting game nonetheless. Check it all out in the article below and tell us what you think!

*Apologies for the lack of editing on this article, wordpress doesn’t like me right now!

Source: Shigeru Miyamoto and FPS Games

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