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Here it is lady and gentlemen, my first pure video game related post.  Today I’m talking about a game my friend recently let me borrow: Gearbox’s 2009 shooter RPG, Borderlands.  The format of these posts will usually be about my personal experiences with the game and what I’ll praise and critique about it. Before I begin talking about my experiences/thoughts about the game, I’ll give you a quick summary regarding some back story.

The planet of Pandora is a desolate wasteland.  The world seems to be run by bandits and the dangerous wildlife that inhabits it.  A team of treasure hunters have been sent in to discover the ultimate treasure, only known as the vault, on Pandora.  You take control of one of the four ‘classes’: a hunter who uses sniper rifles, revolvers, and a deadly bird, a siren, who specializes in smgs, and disappearing in and out of battle, a soldier, who keeps a portable turret, a combat rifle, and shotgun at his sides at all times, and the berserker, who when enraged, starts punching things with his fist.  On your way to finding the vault, you’ll need to blast your way through hordes of bandits, animals, and bosses if you want to survive.


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