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Reading the book, I seriously thought nothing would surprise me when it comes to this season of Game of Thrones.  I know all the plot twists, character actions, and stories, but last night literally had my hand over my face in shock and awe.  Game of Thrones continues to smash down TV etiquette barriers with some of the most grotesque and explicit material I’ve ever seen on TV.  Ranging from S&M to live births, things don’t get more crazy than last night.  Oh wait, they actually do.  With last episode, I’m sure we won’t stop hearing the end to how Game of Thrones has hit the fan, simply because it’s oh so delicious to talk about.

Overall, I feel as though the set up episodes have finally met their end, as characters are finally hitting the high points and settings of where their character climaxes will take place.  Everyone is positioned to where they’re supposed to be where some of the most exciting stuff will likely to begin.  Last week, we didn’t really get a glance at Dany and her dragons, and it seems the season is continuing the trend of leaving out major characters in favor of prolonging screen time to certain others.  It wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t get a look at Dany, Catelyn or Robb, in favor for Theon, Bran, or Jon who were absent this episode.  So let’s dive into what may be Game of Thrones most controversial episode yet.

As usual spoilers only pertain to the episodes released so far.


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