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Mass Effect has significantly changed my life when it comes to gaming.  I used to not be such a big video game guy as it took me nearly 5 years to finally get a PS3 after it was released.  Mass Effect 2 was among the first game I got.  While it was difficult to get into, not playing Mass Effect 1 and buying it used so I couldn’t control decisions from the first game,  I managed to eventually persevere through it and get all the correct DLC to get the way I wanted.  By the time Mass Effect 3 came out, I spent 30 hours gaining everyone’s loyalty and etc., I had successfully gotten a fairly perfect Paragon mode with all my crew members.  I spent another 30 hours playing through Mass Effect 3 and my Paragon Male Shepherd chose the synthesis route and I thought I was done and satisfied.

It was interesting that I never truly considered the Renegade route.  Even more astonishing that I never remotely considered a female Shepherd.  And after going through some forums I read some very interesting quotes regarding my decisions: “Anyone who has never played a Female Shepherd should be considered sexist” and “Playing through renegade is a completely different side to the Mass Effect universe”.  I’ve taken these statements into account and decided to knock out two birds with one stone.  So here is my journey as Renegade FemShep.


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