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So…one of my favorite games has just been released for the iPhone. The World Ends With You is an immersing and wonderful game developed by the minds over at Square Enix. Focusing on Neku Sakuraba and a mysterious set of circumstances, you’re guided through a world of intrigue and puzzles and monsters that only SquEnix could deliver. A direct port of the popular DS game, TWEWY has finally come to the iOS in fully retrofitted glory. Considering my loss of the original DS game cartridge for TWEWY, this was naturally a step in the right direction as it didn’t require me to lug around my huge original handheld in order to play. Anyway, I hope you guys take the time to check it out and lemme know what you think, but beware that this game is ridiculously steep at 17.99$ for an app. The price may turn you off, but also keep in mind that you’re getting a FULL DS game essentially.

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