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Gungnam Style is a pop culture phenomenon.  So combining it with other pop culture phenomenons seems like a good idea.  Take this Empire Strikes Back example.  This is the scene where Lando betrays Han, and betrays he does.  When Han expects a pleasant dinner, he is instead greeted by Psy and the humping-asian-dude-in-a-straw-hat.  Naturally, Han fires first (like a mother f*cking boss), only to have the asian man’s lumps and bumps deflect them.

An unnecessary breakdown of the 30 seconds clip?  Yes.  But I personally had fun writing it.

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Old Rebels

James Hance has a very large collection of art.  He loves combining two different universes.  Here we have an obvious combinations of George Lucas’s Star Wars and Pixar’s Up.  Pixar’s most adorable and heart breaking couple are parallel to the lovable couple of Leia and Solo.  I don’t think Carl is as much of a scoundrel as Han is, but maybe Leia softened him to be like him in their golden years.  James Hance also has some very cool mixes with Han and Chewie with Pooh and Christopher.  Be sure to check out his other art as hit website.

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