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Machinima is known for taking video games and cutting them in different ways to produce humorous and creative results.  Gamer Poop is a division of Machinima that takes the cutscenes of video games and then cuts them together for lewd and crude conversations.  In honor of Mass Effect 3 releasing more free DLC, here are some fairly hilarious videos of Shepherd being in love too much with women and steak.  Due to it’s popularity, they’ve created even more videos and they can be seen below.


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It’s flip week I suppose, seeing as I covered the sequel to a game before the actual game came out. Anyway, this week’s game of the week is Mass Effect 2. Featuring an all-star cast of lovable characters, my favorite of which is currently Doctor Mordin Solus after his glorious rendition of The Major-General’s song. With a wide-array of ways to play with an even wider array of things to say, Mass Effect 2 is definitely one of the best games I’ve played to date. Check out the rest of the article to get my in-depth review of Mass Effect 2. (more…)

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