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If you are a Harry Potter fan reader, you will either do one of three things when you read this article: 1) refute everything this article has to say and have the text to support your claims.  2) be horrified in the universe you’ve come to love and the implications some of your favorite scenes truly had or 3) Be in absolute awe that you never thought of that yourself.  This article contains the harsh truths of the Harry Potter universe.  There are more than a few people who wish they were wizards in this world, but after reading this article, it’s hard for me to say the same.  With the entire world being magic, it seems as though my life would be fairly boring if I didn’t know Harry Potter and was just an average wizard forced to clean owl poop.  My favorite point is he sincere lack of education if you’re not an Auror.

6 Graphic Implications of Events in the Harry Potter Universe

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