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I’m almost positive you guys don’t know this unless you’ve gone out of your way to check how this website is doing on a day-to-day basis, but since the big name change, we’ve gone from 600-700 views a day to barely 30.  Naturally this is upsetting because I’ve worked so hard to get to that place, but I’m not losing heart.  I’m thinking of it as a chance to start fresh and truly see if people love this site or not.  In response, I’ve decided to try even harder than before in making this site all it can be.  That means more dedicated posts, more interaction with fellow blogs, and more capitalizing on what’s trending to have heartfelt discussions.

As a preview, here’s a couple of ideas I’m going to start implementing soon:

  1. Finish the About Us Page/Illustration so people can see what we’re all about here on Banana Feed.  I’ve since then taken down the History and Mission Statement to further revamp.  We’ll also include two biographies of our authors here and hopefully maybe even try to bring in another or two to help revamp this site.
  2. The inclusion of a Maintenance Widgit on the right hand menu so anyone can read what’s happening lately and how they can get involved in some really cool stuff.
  3. In addition to the 4 posts a day [and possible punch up to 5], I’ll double the amount of posts on the weekend from 2 to 4.  The two additional posts will cover the following points in bullets 4 and 5
  4. On Saturday, in addition to the weekend funnies, I’ll be doing a Saturday Reblog.  The Saturday Reblog is essentially me reblogging any of my fellow bloggers of an article of interest.  While getting reblogged on a site that averages 30 hits isn’t the most awesome thing in the world, but I think it’ll promote interblog communication which is always good.  There are a set of rules when it comes to the reblog though.  To enter the chance to be reblogged, you must comment on at least one article between the Saturdays of the reblog.  The comment must be somewhat insightful to generate a response comment.  By doing so, I’ll visit your blog and check your most recent posts to see if anything would work well on Banana Scoop.  I wouldn’t only include movie/television/video games posts, but if I see anything interesting, I’ll be sure to bookmark it and revisit it come Saturday.  On that I’ll choose my favorite to be featured here.
  5. The next thing which will be featured on Sunday in addition to the Sunday Sketch [something I didn’t have time for this week], will be the Weekly Preview.  As many of you know, Banana Scoop features 4 articles a day.  In order to organize such mayhem, I plan all of these articles on a Google Calender, so I know what’s going to post every day.  The Weekly Preview will be a short post, highlighting some of my favorite posts this week and their corresponding days.  The Weekly Preview will likely be also a Page above the site which will hyperlink the articles as they come by, as well as a time table that has ALL of the posts in the week.  This post is more experimental, and is subject to change!

This is only a short summary of things to come, I absolutely love editing and revamping this blog so it’s a pleasure for me to try to make this blog the best it can be.  Be sure to comment below on your thoughts/support/concerns and get your name in the reblog pool today!  And also be sure to let me know what else I can do to make your time here on Banana Scoop the best it can be.

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The M Train

I frequently make a comics, enjoy them.

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