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I’ve been a subscriber to Entertainment Weekly since 2009 I believe.  I actually do read it [most of the time] from cover to end.  It’s absolutely one of my favorite magazines for several reasons.  1) It’s not so much a gossip magazine that focuses on the most uninteresting people that so many people find interesting.  2) They cover two industries I love dearly: movies and television.  3) They get the most absurdly early looks at upcoming projects such as pictures or interviews. And finally 4) In the past they’ve introduced me to some of the most beloved shows I’ve come to know.

Sure not all their stories are the best [I can’t tell you how many times K-Stew and R-Pats have been on the damn cover and I groaned], but I’ve compiled a list of 5 pieces of pop culture [coincidentally all TV shows] that, while always hearing they were great, I didn’t actually start paying attention to until I read an article on Entertainment Weekly.  And surprisingly enough, they weren’t all cover stories.  Read on below for the full Scoop.


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