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This lovely images portrays to heavyweights in the fantasy fiction genre and their stances on ‘killing off characters’.  In one corner we have J.K. Rowling who’s most famous for the Harry Potter series.  And in the other corner is George R.R. Martin, writer of the Song of Ice and Fire series.  For those who are familiar with both, you don’t really need me to understand the very hilarious joke here.

But to the interested, but uneducated in book culture.  J.K. Rowling is referencing her quote regarding how difficult it is to kill of some ‘major’ characters in her book series like, SPOILERS —————Snape, Sirius, etc. ————————END SPOILERS.  Then we have George R.R. Martin who gives a mocking look because the man LOVES killing off major [see how I don’t use quotes there] characters.

For the curious, I’m having trouble finishing Feast for Crows, I’m currently starting the Soiled Knight’s story arc which is about a third or more in.  It’s moving awfully slow compared to the very hectic and awesome Sword of Storms.  Does it get better?  I’m hoping so…

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