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This is a really cool intro to Breaking Bad.  It includes a lot of the main players in a sweet montage with an extended track version of the song.  It totally encompasses the journey of each character in the collage of key scenes, both loved and hated [looking at your Marie].  Although I would’ve liked credits to Giancarlo Esposito and Jonathan Banks, this will certainly do.  The short version isn’t an all great opening, but this prolonged version definitely gives off a creepiness vibe.  And as a chemical engineer at my college, the whole periodic table thing has got me even giddier.  Slightly less than a year until the season finale.


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Breaking Bad is in full force and that mean a bunch of pop culture quips are emerging.  Like this hilarious panorama of Hector Salamanca’s facial expressions.  The man has seen a lot of things as we’ve seen in the past season.  And he’s clearly been through a lot to make him that way.  What a way to go Hector, what a way to go.

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With Breaking Bad just around the corner, it’s more than ready to start getting ready for it.  I legitimately had to say last year’s season of Breaking Bad simply was the best show of the year, that saying even though I’m a hardcore Game of Thrones fan.  It’s gritty, exciting, violent, and so emotional, that no amount [well maybe some amount] of dragons could beat the legendary game of cat and mouse between Gus and Walter.  So in that honor, I’ve compiled a gallery of Deviant Art’s finest in honor of Walter White.  In all honesty, there is a lot of Jessie Pinkman, so it might as well be the combination of the two.  Breaking Bad’s final season part 1 begins July 15, 2012 on AMC.


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Lol, I tried Googling ‘Giancarlo Esposito’ and ‘Community’ and this came up, so I said to hell with it, I’m using this as my image.  A while back it was confirmed that Espositio, most known for his role as Gus Fring on AMC’s Breaking Bad.  Now for season 3, Dan Harmon had already booked the badass Michael Kenneth Williams, and I’d imagine they’d also book this scary character for an equally intimidating role.  It is rumored that he will appear as Pierce Hawthorne’s late father’s associate.  We can only imagine what he’d be like after meeting Pierce’s colorfully racist father.  Speculate with me.

Gus Fring will Star in Community

In case you need to really see who this man is, decent spoilers to Breaking Bad season 4:

Can’t wait to see this man do comedy.


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