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The changes keep coming here at Banana Scoop.  I’m trying to stay on top of things more than ever now a days.  It seems like we’re gathering much of the strength we haven’t had in a while, and I’m hoping that’s a good thing.  By no means is that a reason to stop.  I’m using the momentum we’re gaining as a fuel.  I’m finding all my old contacts of blog circles and updating my information to get the Scoop out there as much as possible.  Besides these updates,  there are a couple of announcements I’d like to mention.  Read below for some of the highlights and the pertaining details.

The Opening of the Live Discussion Page

The Live Discussion Page, located at the top, is a place where casual conversation about ANYTHING can happen.  I’ll gladly partake in the conversation and I hope you will partake in any other threads we have going on.  Movies, TV, love lives, anything you wanna get off our chest to the internet world is in your grasp.  Wordpress only allows 10 indentations per post, so if discussions get wildy, just create a new thread for us to go off of.  I’ve already started if off by asking what you guys are watching on television this summer.  Go here now and get involved!


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[Update: replaced the video player with a youtube video so hopefully it has stopped being stupid.  Please let me know if there are still problems.]

It has come to my attention that if you’re currently following me under via the wordpress blog roll, you might be getting continuous updates with my most recent blog post regarding Community.  I think it has to do with the unnatural video player that I used.  Wordpress isn’t kind to video players that aren’t Youtube, so I tried to get creative with it.  Unfortunately this doesn’t look like it worked.  I’m currently trying to remedy the situation and I’m sorry my posts are blowing up your news feeds.  Please bear with me and don’t unsubscribe.  I’m aware and trying to fix the problem.

Thanks for hanging tight.

-Banana Feed Team

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