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The Avengers is busy Hulk Smashing awards left and right, and the internet is voluntarily creating more and more buzz by creating these hilarious images.  In this meme, we’ve taken the social medium Facebook and implanted it into the Avengers universe where it’s constantly used.  There are clever jokes and japes that involve likes and the sort.  But I’m sure you read the entire image before you read this paragraph so I’ll assume you’re not living under a rock to the point where you can enjoy it.  HULK SMASH DAT ASS.

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Have you ever finished a movie and by the end, you’ve been motivated to try something that the movie greatly expanded on?  On several occasions, I’ve sat with my friends as the credits roll, and we’ve talked about how we could totally do what they did and reap the benefits of what the characters achieved on the screen.  Unfortunately, like most things, it’s far easier said than done.  Here’s 4 examples of me saying, ‘that could be us’ only to have me fall on my face.


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