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About 2 months ago, I posted a Youtube compilation of Steve Buscemi and his onscreen deaths.  Let’s be honest the man has a lot of them.  But then I stumbled upon someone else who has quite a number of onscreen deaths.  The great Sean Bean, known for his usually evil portrayals, often have him dying at the hands of many protagonists [save a couple of key roles].  This fantastic compilation/tribute to his many deaths differ from Buscemi’s in one major way: it has heart.  Buscemi’s was a rough compilation that was jumpy between scenes and lacked flow.  This particular video is much more beautiful with it’s wonderful Dead Island Trailer soundtrack that matches perfectly with key moments.  Let’s all bow our heads for a moment to honor Bean’s knack of getting killed.  Also below, an equally fantastic and emotional trailer to a popular video game Dead Island is posted below.  It too makes use of the chilling soundtrack to deliver a powerful and heart wrenching message.  Obvious spoilers to Sean Bean movies


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