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So as people delve further and further into the depths of Diablo, I’d like to take a moment to link you to this amazing article that shows us the features we wanted, but never got in this amazing third installment of a legacy. Diablo III was meant to have a plethora of amazing features that never got implemented in the final iteration of the game. Some of these features are in the works as downloadable future content, but that doesn’t change the fact that some of them should have been implemented during the initial release. First and foremost, I would like to point out that, although announced, PvP was a part of the game that was scrubbed (if I understand correctly) in order to meet their deadline. While not necessarily a major let down in other games, most online games similar to Diablo should have a fully functional PvP, and somehow the world feels a little bland without it. Blizzard will undoubtedly remedy this situation later, but the fact remains. Check out what else they left you without in the article below!

Nine Compelling Diablo III Features That Didn’t Make the Final Game


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Are you fellow gamers ready for Diablo 3? In just 2 more days, one of the most anticipated games of the decade will be released, and many servers will undoubtedly crash in the ensuing chaos and overload of people trying to play the game. Until then, check out these tips and tricks released by the masterminds at Blizzard to help you cope with starting fresh. To those of you who got to play during the Beta, these may or may not be helpful, but to the general public, I recommend that you check these out to get a feel for that super new awesome class you wanted to pick, or to help you solidify which character you want to play.

Source: Diablo III: Blizzard on Making the Most of each Class

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